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Customer satisfaction and good plumbing reviews are important in maintaining the best level of workmanship.  Finding good tradesman is not as easy as it should be, and finding the right business for your home is important.  After all your house is your home.

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 Here are also some of the other businesses that i personally highly recommend


To leave a review using a desktop computer just click the google icon.

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To add reviews, you need to have a Google+ profile and be signed in.  Your reviews are public so anyone, including people not in your Google+ circles, can see what you recommend.

  1. Open the maps Google Maps app.
  2. Touch or search for G J Waller & Co.
  3. Pull up the info sheet.
  4. Under “Rate and review,” touch the stars to score a place and write a review.
  5. Sometimes all you can see is a row of stars, click on the number of stars, and then write what you wish.
  6. Remember you need to click on the stars before you can write a review


Log into your Facebook account in the search box at the top type G J Waller & Co Plumbing & Heating

Or Click on the Facebook icon above.

  1. Go to the Reviews section on the left side of the Page’s Timeline
  2. Click the gray stars to choose a rating and write an optional review
  3. Click to select your audience
  4. Click Done



NS Services

“The Cranbrook Window Cleaner”



Computer repairs & Business solutions

01404 44854



Garage Vehicle Repairs/Mechanic

24 hour breakdown recovery

01297 33692